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Their stadium is named Antonio Vespucio Liberti, also known as " El Monumental ". is the largest stadium of Argentina and the sixth largest in America. It has capacity for 61 321 spectators and Argentina uses it to play the national games.

Club Atlético River Plate

River Plate (CARP) was founded on May 25, 1901, in the neighborhood of La Boca by the merger of the clubs Santa Rosa and La Rosales, and also, this club adopted its name from the literal English translation of the Rio de la Plata.

Let's talk about the stadiums:1901 : Dock Sud, east side in an area of the Carbonera Wilson.1906 : Sarandi .1907 : Dock Sud , west side .1915 : Aristobulo del Valle and Gaboto , La Boca .1923 : Avenida Alvear and Tagle , Palermo .1938 : Estadio Monumental (Antonio Vespucio Liberti), Núñez.


The colors of the club, and the colors in the shirt had never changed, they had been the same since that day after carnival. Obviously, the design of the shirts has changed many times up to now.


By the year 1931 the club had reached14,600 Partners , had a fancy stadium and a glorious future.The money the club spent to brang CarlosPeucelles and Bernabé Ferreyra, gave as consecuence, the popular nickname "MILLONARIOS" .(form 0min. to 1:23min)


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