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Carolyn Keene

Author name(Autobiography)Carolyn Keene

BiographyAs the author of the original Nancy Drew series of mystery novels, Mildred Wirt Benson (aka Carolyn Keene) shot to fame penning thrilling tales concerning a fearless and stylish teen detective who never failed to get to the bottom of the case. Born in Ladora, IO, Benson was the first person to receive a master's in journalism from the University of Iowa, in 1927. As a reporter who never backed down from a challenge, the future author laid the foundation for a literary creation that would enthrall generations and inspire numerous adaptations even after Keene herself halted writing Nancy Drew adventures

Important EventNancy Drewfirst appearedin 1930, and was a hit instantly.

InterestingsFactsEdward Stratemeyer (Creator of Nancy Drew) died on May 10, 1930.


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