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Carolingian Empire by nuriala9

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The effective power of the Frankish kingdom was in the hands of the officials, who were the palace butlers.The most important was Charles Martel. His son Pepin the Short proclaimed himself king. Charlemagne, the son of Pepin the Short, reinforced the power of the Carolingian dynasty. He spread his power throughout most of Europe.On Christmas day in the year 800,Charlemagnewas crowned as thenew Western Emperorby the pope LeoinRome.The political development was accompanied by a cultural rebirth. Charlemagne invited some of the great scholars of the time, such as Alcuin, a monk from England. He also founded the Academy, formed by a group of scholars who analysed verses and other writings. Charlemagne created the schools, he thought that rich and poor should learn the same.


Pepin The Short

Charlemagne established his residency in Aacheen, Germany. In this palace.

Carolingian Empire



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