Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel

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Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel

The Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel is found on the high mountain peaks of western North Carolina. They prefer cool, moist habitats. Although this species is at risk to both human and natural threats, the risks posed by human actions far outweigh those by nature. Habitat destruction through deforestation and pollution, as well as the introduction of foreign wildlife, has landed this species a spot on the endangered species list. Forest restoration and protection efforts will help save this species.

Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel

ALso known as:"Glaucomys sabrinus "

Glaucomys sabrinus

About the Northern flying squirrel...


1) It is 1/3 times larger than the southern species. 2) It is nocturnal, with large eyes to help it see at night. 3) They are active year round, but moreso during the warm summer months.



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