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Mammalia that are Carnivores American Badger American Marten Arctic Fox Black Bear Black-footed Ferret Bobcat Cat Cheetah Common Gray Fox Common Hog-nosed Skunk Common Raccoon Coyote Dog Fisher Giant Panda Gray Wolf Grizzly Bear Jaguar Kit Fox Least Weasel Lion Long-tailed Weasel Lynx Meerkat Mink Mountain Lion Northern River Otter Ocelot Polar Bear Red Fox Red Wolf Ringtail Sea Otter Striped Skunk Tiger Western Spotted Skunk White-nosed Coati Wolverine



1) Scientific name: Carnivora which mean "flesh devourers" in Latin.2)Carnivorous mammals consist of about 270 species. They are Vertebrates with four limbs, covered with hair that have strong canines or fangs and sharp molars or carnassials adapted for eating flesh. Not all carnivores eat just meat bears are known to eat berries as well.3)Carnivorous mammals just like humans give birth to live young, but some are blind for about the first two weeks. Average number of young can be from 1 to 16, but normally 3 to 5. Most have about 1 or 2 litters per year. Like humans they also nurse their young after birth and how long they stay with their parents depends on the species.4)Carnivors are found all over the world from here in the United States to Africa.5)Carnivors come from two destinct families the Felidae (cats) and Canidae (dogs).6) Being meat eaters, carnivores are at the top of the food chain and form the highest trophic level within ecosystems.7) Relatively low population density makes carnivores vulnerable to fluctuations of prey density, habitat disturbance, infectious disease, and predation by man. The mobility and adaptability of some carnivores has enabled them to shift ecological roles and survive changes brought about by human activities, but many others have became extinct.8) The maintenance of territories limits the number of predators to the ecosystem’s carrying capacity of prey.Works CitedPoor, A. . "Carnivora" (On-line), Animal Diversity Web. Accessed October 03, 2013 at October 03, 2013 at



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