[2015] Elizabeth Kazmierczak: Carnegie Library Volunteering

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[2015] Elizabeth Kazmierczak: Carnegie Library Volunteering

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - East Liberty

130 S. Whitfield St.Pittsburgh, PA 15206412-363-8232

MissionTo Engage our Community in Literacy and LearningVision StatementThrough Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, the people of our region will develop the literacies and connections that support individual achievement and strengthen the power of community.

Literacy BackpacksThe backpacks full of books and early literacy toys will be given out later this year to young children in the East Liberty area so that they can continue to develop literacy skills during the summer.Rhyme Card FoldersThe rhyme card folders will be given out to mothers in the East Liberty area who have small children so that they can sing/read the rhymes with their children at home.

While volunteering at the East Liberty Carnegie Library, I worked packing various items into the early literacy backbacks. In one of the pictures below you can find a list of items I put in each backpack. I took time to arrange the items neatly in the backpacks. After placing each item in the backpack, I zipped up the backpack. The completed backpacks were then placed in cardboard boxes. After the backpacks were finished, I started to put together the extra rhyme card folders. While putting together the rhyme card folders, I got into a rhythm of picking up each of 5 cards, specifically in the blue set, and gumbanded them together. After gumbanding several sets together, the sets were counted so the that the library could keep track of how many sets there were. These counted sets were then placed into a plastic tub. These rhyme card folders were one of the items that were packed into the backpacks.


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