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Carly Greece

1.Ancient greece was split into many different states each one was ruled in its own way. 2.The two most important city-states were Athens and Sparta.3.The earliest civilizaton thrived nearly 4,00 years ago.4.The Ancient Greeks lived in Greece and the countries that we now call Bulgaria and Turkey.

Alexander the Great

776BC- First olimpics game.650BC-Was taken over by Kypselos.508BC-Democracy began in Athens.500BC-The start of the classifacation period of greece.490BC-Greeeks defeated Persian.472BC-Greek theatres first became popular in Athens.432BC-Parthenon in Athens was finished.338BC-The King of Mecedonia took control of Greece.146BC-Rome conquered Greece- Greece Became part of the Rome empire.

Alexander the great was the king of Mecedonia or Ancient Greece. He is considered one of the greatest military commanders in history. Alexander the Great was born on July 20, 356 BC. He died at the young age of 32 in 323 BC. He reigned as king from 336-323BC. Alexander was tutored as a child and learned math, reading, writing, and how to play the lyre. After securing the throne and getting all of Greece under his control, Alexander turned east to conquer more of the civilized world.

Did you know?

-The ancient greeks invented the theatre. They loved watching plays. -Only men and boys were alowed to be actors.-Ancient Greeks believed that a family of gods lived in a cloud palace above Mount Olympus. -Most ancient greeks wore a chiton, whitch was a long T-shirt made from one large peice of cotten.


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Greek City-States


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