Carlo's Sundew (Fininshed)

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Carlo's Sundew (Fininshed)

What Are Some Cool Things About The Sundew?The sundew looks like it has morning DEW on it from the SUN.The sundew can live in a temperature range from 70- 98 degrees farenheight and must not be kept below 30 degrees farenheight.Sundew needs ONLY rain water or distilled water.

Height?Sundew plants can grow in a range anywhere from 4 inches to about 5 feet tall!It depends on what type of sundew you are asking about though.

What Does It Look Like?Sundew plants look like long stems with long tendrils sticking out of the sides of the whole plant.


What Scientific Family Does it Belong To?The name of the sundews scientific families name is "Droseraceae"

Where Does It Live? It lives in all countries/continents except Antarctica!

Bibliography: Carlo

Scientific Name For Sundew?The scientific name for sundew is "Droseraceae".

Where Does The Sundew Get It's Energy From?The sundew gets it's energy from all of the insects and bugs it consumes.

What Other Organisms Does It Interact With?The Sundew interacts with bugs, such as spiders, flys, mosquitos, and any other insects.

What Are The Best Conditions For The Sundew?The sundew plants can live in Jungles (wet and moist), Places that occasionally freeze over, and subtropical areas that endure harsh dry seasons.

How is It Well Adapted To It's Enviroment?Since there are many different kinds of these plants, they develop different root systems so that they can survive depending on where they live.


How Does The Sundew Live? It lives by eating many insects and must be in a temperature between 70-100 degrees farenheigt and not below 30-45 degrees farenheit.

How Are They Related To the Enviroment and Other Organisms?Sundew are like Humans and other insects and bugs because they need food and hunt just like us humans do.



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