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Eve Of The Emperor Penguin

By Mary Pope Osborne

Illustrated By Mary Pope Osborne

1.Jack and Annie had a mission to find the four secrets of happyness so they went outside to their tree house.2.They are in Antartica and then the tour guide starts asking questions like where do you work?3.Jack and Annie had to think fast so Jack said"I am a Journalist!"Later on Jack and Annie went to a kingdom with all penguins dancing!4.So they picked out a baby penguin and brang it to Merlin5.Merlin wanted to keep it! During that crazy time they found the four secrets of happyness! Jack wondered what was the secret? Well it was friendship!6.So they walked back to the tree house and looked at a picture that was their house and said"I want to go there!" So they were home in no time!


I really liked the book because I like penguins they are so cute!And you don't know what's going to happen next!My favorite part was when they went to the penguin kingdom and Jack and Annie saw all the penguins dancing!


Characters:Jack and Annie



Baby Penguin

Jack and Annie



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