Carl Wilhelm Siemens

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Carl Wilhelm Siemens

Carl wilhelm Siemens was born on April 4, 1823 in the village of Lenthe. He was born to Christian Fredinand Siemens and Elenore Deichmen. His uncle recommended that he was to work with him in the bank, so he went to school for Mathematics and trade. His brother, later then switched Carl to take engineering and science. this was to start off his career in science.While in college he created a theroy of heat regeration in machines. he took that Idea with him and then later patent the Open Hearth Furnace. As his invention took over the metal making industry they longed for a faster way for making metal. In return Siemens made the Electric Arc Furnace. The furnace used the Siemans-Martain Process (electrplating)


Created the Open Hearth Furnace for smelting iron and other metalsWorked for a cable firm which laid the cable of telegraph from Britain to the U.S.Creates the Electric Arc Furnace for more efficient metal smelting.

Lasting Impact

Was known for the creation of the Open Heath Furnace. Also with telegraph.


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Carl Wilhelm Siemens



1823 - Was Born1838 - Began to study Engineering1847 - Younger brother Friedrich joins him.1856- Patent for Open Hearth furnace was created1878 - Creates Electric Arc Furnace1883 - Dies

The Open Hearth Process


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