[2015] Connor Kornas: Carl Sandburg

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[2015] Connor Kornas: Carl Sandburg

Carl Sandburg as born on January 6th 1878

In 1986 Carl Sandburg went on his first adventrue to Chicago where he would later be a reporter.

In 1897 Sandburg became one of thousands of American hoboes stowing away atop and inside railroad boxcars, working their way west by train through the states in search of jobs.

In 1889 he returned from war and got his tuition payed for at Lombard College (though he would drop out later).

From 1902 through late 1907 Sandburg wrote for minor journals in Chicago and tried to launch a career

From 1907 until 1912 Sandburg campaigned vigorously throughout Wisconsin for social democracy, writing for newspapers and journals.

Got married in 1908 to Lilian Steichen and move to Chicago in 1912, where he went to work on the stoff of the socialist Chicago Evening World

Sandburg received no significant affirmation as a poet until Harriet Monroe, founder and editor of the landmark Chicago journal Poetry: A Magazine of Verse, accepted six of his poems for publication in the March 1914 issue. In effect, his career as a poet was launched,

Became a famous poet and polotician for the rest of his life.

Died on July 22nd 1967 after living 89 years.

Carl Sandburg

Interesting Facts:1. His favorite poets are Walt Whitman, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Rudyard Kipling, Robert Browning, and Elbert Hubbard.2. He was Emblazoned on the 1907 advertisement for his lecture on Walt Whitman titled "An American Vagabond" were the words "Books are but empty nothings compared with living, pulsing men and women. Life is stranger and greater than anything ever written about it."3. He has never recieved a diploma.4. Enjoyed the study of Abraham Lincoln5. For thirty years he sought out and collected material, and gradually began the writing of the six-volume definitive biography of the Abraham Lincoln.

Famous Works:1. Chicago2.Complete Poems (1950)3.Good Morning, America (1928)4.Honey and Salt (1963)5.Slabs of the Sunburnt West (1922)6.Smoke and Steel (1920)The People, Yes (1936)7. Abraham Lincoln: The War Years (1939)


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