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Carl Linnaeus

In 1707, May 23, Carl Linnaeus was born at Råshult. 2 years later, the family moves to the vicarage at Stenbrohult when Linnaeus’s father is appointed vicar. In 1716 through 1727, Carl goes to school in Växjö and only comes home for the long holidays. He is interested in nature study and mathematics and also learns Latin. He moves to Uppsala to study at the university there in 1728. Sadly, in 1733, Linnaeus’s mother died. In 1736, Linnaeus travels to England for a few months to meet botanists but then returns to Holland. In 1739, Carl and Sara marry. In the next 16 years, he had 7 children. Linnaeus suffers a brain haemorrhage and is partially paralysed in 1774. He dies January 10, 1778, and is buried in Uppsala Cathedral.


1707, May 23-Born1727-Starts to study medicine at Lund University1735, Jan 18-Published first edition of Systema Naturea1738, June 28-Engaged1739, June 26-Married1753-Species Plantarum is published.1761-Linnaeus is raised to the nobility.1778, Jan 10-Death

He created the index card system to record and store data.Linnaeus was the first person to place humans in the primate family and describe whales and bats as mammals rather than fish and birds.During his science career, Carl named about 13,000 organisms and classified them into categories such as mammals, birds, fish, primates, canines, and others.

Lasting Impact

His system for naming, ranking, and classifying organisms is still in wide use today. He is often called the Father of Taxonomy.

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