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Carl Linnaeus Jasmine P.

Carolus Linnaeus (or Carl von Linné) was born on May 23 1707, and died on January 10 1778. He was a Swedish scientist who laid the foundations for the modern scheme of taxonomy. In 1739 Linnaeus married Sara Morea, daughter of a physician. He ascended the chair of medicine at Uppsala two years later, soon exchanging it for the chair of Botany. He continued to work on his classifications, extending them to the kingdom of animals and the kingdom of minerals. He was knighted in 1755, under his Swedish name, Carl von Linné. : Carl Linnaeus


1707 - Carl was Born in Småland, in southern Sweden. 1733 - Carl moved out. 1778 - Carl Had A Stroke and died

Carl Linnaeus is one of the giants of natural science. He devised the formal two-part naming system we use to classify all lifeforms.In fact, Linnaeus pushed the science of biology to new heights by describing and classifying our own human species in precisely the same way as he classified other lifeforms.

Lasting Impact

Carl Linnaeus's work was important because he was the first person to put together a system for the naming of organisms (specifically plants). (Not Alive)


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Carl LinnaeusJasmine P.





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