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Carl Hiaasen

CArl Hiaasen


Carl Hiaasen was born and raised in Florida, where he still resides. He graduated from the University of Florida and has been writing a regular column since 1985. He still has a column that appears on most Sundays in The Herald's opinion-and-editioral section. Hiaasen is known for his risky writing. He began writing novels in the early 1980's. His first solo novel was published in 1986, Tourist Season. All together Hiaasen has published in 34 languages and has published almost 30 pieces of work. To prove that he doesnt make up what is writing about Hiaasen published collections of his newspaper columns. Two of Hiaasen's novels have become major motion-picture films; Strip Tease, 1996 and Hoot, 2006

Mini Lesson Plan

Wahoo and his father Mickey Cray, a professional animal wrangler, are both hired for a reality series titled Expedition Survival! However, Mickey has recently received a concussion and Wahoo takes it upon himself to accept the offer for them both. The family has a pet alligator named Alice, they team up with a girl named Tuna, and Derek, their manager, nearly kills himself constantly.

The book starts with an undesirable Mrs. Starch teaching a biology class. The next day the class goes on a field trip to the Everglades and a wild fire starts and suddenly Mrs. Starch disappears. Nick and Marta begin a search for her but find a much more serious problem. The Red Diamond Energy company is using oil in the wrong section and they find out that there really are panthers in the everglades.

Roy is new in Coconut Grove, a Florida town, and immediately as a run in with the school bully. However, if it wasn't for this bully Roy would have never seen that strange boy running with no shoes on. If he had never met the boy with no shoes, Mullet Fingers, he would have never been the newest eco warrior saving the Burrow Owls from the pancake construction site.

Noah's father doesn't always think before he acts, or does he? His father is sure that the Coral Queen casino is flushing sewage into the harbor but, he cant prove it. However, he does think that attempting to sink the ship would get the message across. Noah is now determined to prove that his dad was right. Noah and his weird set of allies will prove once and for all that this casino was flushing into the ocean and they would sink that casino for once and for all.

Adult Fiction:Tourist SeasonDouble WhammySkin TightNative TongueStrip TeaseStromy WeatherNaked Came the ManateeLucky YouSick PuppyBasket CaseSkinny DipNature Girl Star IslandBad MonkeyYoung Adult Fiction:HootFlush Scat ChompSkink-No SurrenderNon-fiction:Team Rodent: How Disney Devours the WorldKick AssParadise Screwed: Selected ColumnsThe Downhill LieDance of the ReptilesWith Bill Montalbano:Powder BurnTrap Line A Death in ChinaShort StoriesTart of DarknessThe Edible Exile

Hoot Movie Trailer

6+1 Traits1. Organization- Scat- Teaching Transitions. The teacher will continue reading on in the novel Scat, explaining to students that good writing includes transitions or ways to help guide the reader from one idea to the next. The teacher will then explain the different types of transition words. After the reading the class will discuss all the words found within the reading. Then the students will revise an old piece of writings and share with partners their new transitions.2. Ideas- Scat- Developing Ideas. Teacher will post a photo, news article, or short clip for the students to view at the beginning of the lesson. The students will then be asked to write for 5 minutes on that article. Then the teacher will discuss how Carl Hiaasen chooses the stories he writes about and the class will continue reading the novel. Students will have the option of sharing with the class what they wrote. 3. Presentation- Chomp- Bring your writing to life. For this lesson the teacher will read aloud a chapter from the middle of the story. Students will break into groups and create a scene or script for Wahoo's nature show and present it to the class. After the students will revise their own writing to look for good/neat presentation. 4. Sentence Fluency- Chomp- Does your writing flow? Explain the importane of sentence fluency. The teacher will model fluency on the board and have students choose which sentences flow better together. The class will read a chapter from Chomp and then revise their own work for sentence fluency. To help students will read aloud their own works to check for flow and rhythm. 5. Conventions- Flush- Punctuation. The teacher will go over the importance of punctuation and how the right punctuation helps sentences flow. The teacher will then read a chapter aloud to the students. Students will work in groups in placing punctuation correctly on a page printed from the novel. 6. Word Choice- Scat- Vivid Vocabulary.Students will begin with a madlibs. The teacher models a madlibs for the students to show how vivid vocabulary can change a message. Then the class will do one together. There will be a read aloud from the book Scat and the class will record any vocabulary that sticks out to them from the chapter. Students will then revise a piece fo their own work and add in different vocabulary for their more "overused" words. 7. Voice- Chomp- Be the character. The students will start by getting asigned different characters that they need to write a short voicemail for. Then each student will share their voicemail and the others will guess who they were. A chapter of Chomp will be read to the class and the voice of the characters will be described. The teacher will record these descriptions on the board. The students will then write a short story with the voice of the character they have chosen. Partners will exchange papers and try to guess who their partner is. 8. Organization- Hoot- Strong Endings. The teacher will read the ending of Hoot to the class. Then as a class, the students will discuss and record on the board what is essential for a strong ending. Students then will break off for indivudal writing where they will write a new ending for the novel Hoot. Students will have the chance to share with the class what they have written.9. Word Choice- Hoot- Strong action words. We want students to stray away from using vocabulary they are comfortable with. The teacher will model a few words on the board and how we can change them into a stronger word. Then the students will try together. A chapter of Hoot will be read and then the students will individually work on their own writing. Students will then have a chance to share their new verbs with the class. 10. Conventions- Hoot- Spell Check. Write numerous passages on the board with various mispelled words and homophones. Work with the class to find all hidden mistakes within each passage. Read a chapter from Hoot and then have students revise their own work for mispelled words. Students will look over eachothers papers to see if they have overlooked any misspellings or homophones.

ReflectionPersonal:I was able to personally connect with Carl Hiaasen characters for two reasons. First, his characters had just moved to Florida/ or lived in Florida and were slightly awakward. When I was 13 I moved from Ohio to Florida and was incredibly awkward, always making friends with the "stranger" crowd. I also was able to connect with the characters for their love of wildlife. My entire life my parents and I have practically lived on a zoo. We have never had less that 5 animals at a time. Growing up I was/still am incredibly passionate about animals and preservation. I went to college orignally for a zoology degree and have every intention on going back and finishing it. Critical: One thing I really enjoy about Carl Hiaasen is he uses real stories to create his novels. Knowing this fact makes his stories a little more relateable. Knowing that there is some truth to his stories makes them more believable and easier to get wrapped up in. I also love how he creates very strong children characters. As a child, I would want to read about someone close to my age who was brave and made a difference in the world. Carl Hiaasen includes humor and vivid vocabulary to help the reader flow through the page with interest. Carl Hiaasen's books would be great to use to integrate not only literacy and writing but, science as well.


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