Carl Friedrich Gauss

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Carl Friedrich Gauss

Carl Friedrich Gauss

What made him become a mathematician?

What achievmetns has he gotten?

Background information

He was made director of the Gottingon observatory in 1807 as well as professer of mathematics at Gottingon University. When he was jsut 18 he found a way to construct the regular with seventeen sides, using only a compass and a straightedge. He was a profilic author who wrote more than 300 papers. His disquisitiones arthmetica was published in1801.He worked with Wilhelm Weber for almost six years making a telegraphdevice which could send messages over a distance of 1500 meters.

He was born on April 30th, 177 in brunswick Germany. He came from a poor family his father was a gardener and brick layer, and his mother was very keen to educate gauss. The duke of brunswick was very inpressed with his computing skills when he was only 14. He atteneded the university of Gottingen from 1795-98. He rediscovered numerous significant theorems.

Gauss was a prodigy. He made his first ground-breaking mathematical discoveries while still a teenager. Since he was a little he could solve any math problem that anyone could give him. At the age of nine his teacher gave hime a assignment " write down all the whole numbers from 1-100 and add up their sum." In just a few mins he found the answer and it was 5,050.


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