Caribbean Coral Reef

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Caribbean Coral Reef

Latitude and Longitude

Caribbean Coral Reefs

Countries Found-Bahamas-Cuba-Jamaica-Haiti-Dominican Republic-Puerto Rico-Lesser Antilles -Venezuela-Nicaragua-Honduras-Belize



- Eel Grass- Paddle Weed- Red Algae- Blue-Green Algae

- Queen Conch- Green Sea Turtle- Black-Finned Clownfish-Plankton

Primary Consumers

- Caribbean Reef Squid- Flatback Turtle- Marble Shrimp

Secondary Consumers

Tertiary Consumers

- Barracuda-Caribbean Reef Shark

Key Stone SpeciesStaghorn coral has been one of the most important Caribbean corals in terms of its contribution to reef growth and fish habitat. This coral exhibits the fastest growth of all known western Atlantic corals, with branches increasing in length by 4-8 inches per year.


Food Web


Parrot Fish

Caribbean Reef Octopus

Moon Grouper

Abiotic Factors

Temperature:75 degrees farenheitLight Penetration: 20 MetersSalinity: 27-40 parts per thousandDepth: 20 metersNutrients: low in nutrients

Geographic Features

Economic Impact

Coral reefs provide important sources of income for the tourism, fishing, and pharmaceutical industriesand play a critical role in protecting coastlines from erosion, flooding and storm damage, which would cost a fortune to repair over time.


Human ActivitiesCoastal Development: This includes sewage discharge, urban runoff, construction, and tourist development.Sediment and pollution from inland sources: More than 3,000 watersheds across the region identified 20 percent of coral reefs at high threat from damage caused by increased sediment and pollution from agricultural lands and other land modification.Marine-based threats: Discharge of wastewater from cruise ships, tankers and yachts, leaks or spills from oil infrastructure, and damage from ship groundings and anchors.OverfishingDisease and rising sea temperatures: Few areas unscathed by disease, even reefs far removed from human influence. Coral bleaching episodes.Coral Reef Degradation

Caribbean Coral Reefs

Wild Caribbean Nature


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