Careers with children

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Careers with children

Teacher-requires patients and enjoy working with children of all ages. 67% have a bachelors degree.

Pediatric Nurse- Do check-ups for children and diagnose illness. 66% of nurses have Associates degree

Librarian- Great for people who want to share there love of reading. Required to have a masters degree.

Juvenile justice attorney- protects the right of minors. Must have a law degree and pass the bar exam

Social worker- helping children who are homeless and working with child rights groups. most require a 4 year bachelor's degree

Camp counselor- great for people who love working with kids and planning activites. A degree not required

child psychologist- observe the way children act and help them with serious problems. Most have atleast a masters degree

52 percent of teachers have a master’s or higher degree

In 2007–08, some 76 percent of public school teachers were female

About 9.1% of nurses are men 14.8% are 30 or younger

Careers with children

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