Careers in Nutrition

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Careers in Nutrition

Careers in Nutrition

Some of the most common career options include nutritionists, nutritional or health educators, nutritionist counselors, nutrition therapists, nutritional product developers, chefs or caterers, wellness consultants, or herbalists.

Nutrition EducatorAs a nutrition educator you could work at a school, a public health and government agency, private industries, nonprofit organizations, religious organizations and other settings that focus on education and health. Typically a nutrition educator will help develop programs to educate a certain population about nutrition and general health and holistic wellness practices.

Nutritional CounselorWorking as a nutritional counselor you would integrate the concepts of holistic nutrition into your counseling or therapeutic practice. The type of settings that you could work in vary widely, including hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and other care facilities where patients need assessments of their nutritional needs. Often nutritional counselors are in charge of developing dietary programs for people depending on their ailments.

Consultant/Private practiceSome nutritionists opt to work independently by starting their own practice or working as a consultant. This allows maximum flexibility in terms of area of specialization. You can counsel clients on a specific issue such as weight management, eating disorders, sports nutrition, and diabetes management, just to name a few. You might also look into consulting at health clubs or spas. Some independent nutritionists even find success through blogging or starting a website catered towards helping people manage their health. You could even write a cookbook or write articles for a magazine or local newspaper. Your options are endless! Many dietitians in private practice and consultants find success by specializing in a particular area



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