[2015] Darren Chon: Careers in Music

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[2015] Darren Chon: Careers in Music

Careers in Music

Film ComposerWhat is a Film Composer? The film composer scores, or arranges, music to accompany a film or television show. Many film composers create dramtic underscores, which are used to emphasize certain scenes in the film.Famous Film Composers Famous film composers include: John Williams - Jurassic Park; Star Wars Hanz Zimmer - Batman; Inception Ennio Morricone - The Dollars Trilogy

Vocal/ Instrumental SoloistWho are Vocal/Instrumental Soloists? Vocal/Instrumental soloists are very similar to performing artists. However, they can also be hired by other groups and in other recording situations. When they are hired by another party, the artist should follow how the orchestra or groups wants them to playA Famous Vocal/Instrumental Soloist David Garrett - Starting his professional career as a violinist when he was 13, David Garrett has become a hugely popular player. He held the record for "fastest violinist" until 2011.

Compositional ArrangerWhat is an Arranger? An arranger, also known as an adaptor, is the person who arranges a composition for any ensemble. Arrangers determine which instruments, voices, tempos, etc. to use based on the specifications of the artists, producers, or conductors.A Famous Compositional Arranger Fletcher Henderson - Henderson is known for bridging the gap between dixieland and swing music. He also helped the development of swing and big band jazz.

Music EducatorWho are Music Educators? Music educators are teachers of music who work through schools. They can work in primary and secondary schools, colleges, teaching groups, or out of their homes. Music educators teach all the fields of music. Examples include music theory, music arranging, music history, conducting, choir, etc.A Famous Music Educator John T. Madden - He worked as the director of the marching band at Rutgers before he moved to Michigan State University. He now teaches undergraduate and graduate conducting and marching band techniques classes.


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