Career Cluster Assignment

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Career Cluster Assignment

Agricultural , Food and Natural ResourcesInformation TechnologyLaw and Public SafetyGovernment and Public AdministrationBusiness Management and AdministrationFinanceHuman ServicesHealth SciencesArchitecture & ConstructionArts, AudioVideo & Communication TechTransportation, Distribution & LogisticsScience, Tech Engineering & Mathematics

In this assignment you will have the opportunity to learn about one of the 12 Career Clusters found on your computers.To begin, very carefully follow the steps below:.

Career Clusters

Step 4: Choose two of the careers pathways within that cluster and watch the Power Point presentations.

Step 1: On your computer go to My Documents and Click on the Career Cluster Folder.

Step 2: Take a few moments to look at the twelve different clusters.

Step 3: As a group select one of the clusters to learn about.

Step 5: Each Group Member will complete and turn in the Career Cluster Worksheet.

Step 6: As a group, select one careerspathway and develop a company that will offer career opportunities for that pathway. Complete Company Worksheet Worksheet.

Step 7: Use the information on your Company Worksheet to create a company website. Follow ALL directions on worksheet.


You are a team of entrepreneurs who have been awarded stimulus money in order to bring new job opportunities to theTriad area. You will learn about different career opportunities that interest you. You will then create a company website that explains details about your company and the career opportunities it offers. FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS BELOW!



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