Career Choices: Geologist

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Career Choices: Geologist

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SALARYA range of salaries for those employed by oil and gas companies is £28,000 - £45,000. At a senior level, you can expect £35,000 - £120,000. New consultant wellsite geologists can earn between £350 and £450 per day.

EDUCATION AND COURSES NEEDEDIn order to become a geologist, you would need to take subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology and math, as well as have a special field in mineralogy, petrology and structural geology. Most geologists require a Master's degree in order to have a job related to the field of geology, however students with a Bachelor's Degree are also accepted.


BEST UNIVERSITIES FOR GEOLOGISTS 1. California Institute of Technology2. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology3. Oxford University 4. Harvard University5. Cambridge University6. University of Leeds


BENEFITSThe work that geologists do takes them from the office to the laboratory to rugged terrain, underground mines and the ocean floor. So if you are into adventurous outdoor activities, or prefer an exciting lifestyle over office chairs, then geology is the career choice for you!

Geology: Study of the Earth

STRENGTHS NEEDEDThe strengths needed in order to become a geologist is the ability to be able to work with complicated equipment, as the majority of geologists spend part of their work outdoors and indoors. Another strength required is to able to do outdoor activities, whether it is hiking on rocky terrain or being able to swim in dangerous waters.

Geologists are usually logical thinkers, great problem solvers and enjoy outdoor activities.




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