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A cardiologist is a doctor that specializes in treating patients for problems pertaining to the heart. Their responsibilities include testing and exams for detecting or further treating an issue. These test would include one such as an ultra sound to make sure the heart is beating right. Another duty or responsibility would include catherization, which detects the way the heart is beating and pumping the blood in and out of the heart. Because this profession detects problems, one also treats the detected problems. A treatment could include surgery. Some problems require check-ups and monitoring so a patient of a cardiologist would come in and have test performed to make sure the function of the heart is being properly done.

Average Salary for a cardiologist is $166,400 annually or $80 an hour.

education requirements for a cardiologist is 3 years of course work or undergrad witht the focus of basic sciences. 4 years of medical school, two years of clerkships following after with 2-6 years of residency.

The job growth rate for cardiologist is at 24%

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