[2015] Julie Abernathy: Cardiac Sarcoidosis

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[2015] Julie Abernathy: Cardiac Sarcoidosis

The cause is unknown.

Systemic corticosteroids, cardiologic agents, and the placement of a pacemaker or implantable cardiac defibrillator in case of an atrioventricular block or severe intractable ventricular arrhythmias. Cardiac transplantation is exceptionally required.



There are many tests that can be done in order to diagnose a person with Cardiac Sarcoidosis. Endomyocardial biopsy,specialized cardiologic advice, echocardiography, and 24-hour ambulatory ECG,tomography and cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR).


It affects the Heart and the lungs.It affects the heart by causing the heart to work harder and may eventually cause it stop. It Affects the lungs by causes leasions on the lungs also making it harder to breath. It does inflamms the other vital organs of the body.


The organs it affects and how it affects them

Glog by: Julie Abernathy

Cardiac Sarcoidosis

Age Range

Can affect people of any age, race and gender. but Most common among adults who are between the ages of 20 and 40. There is a Higher rate of women with Cardiac Sarcoidosis than Males.

Home Remedies/Alternative Medicine

It is fatal because the leasions cause blockage of blood flow which can cause a person to go into cardiac Arrest.

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Is it fatal or not?

There are no Home Remedies or Alternative Medicine

Weakening of the heart, Shortness of breath, Weak Pulse, Swelling the legs, and may cause palpitations

The symptoms are/ can be unrelated. Onset of the disease can affect people b/t the ages of 10 and 45. It affects about 25% of all sarcoidosis patientsheart transplants can be done to correct the disease but often fails. More common b/t African Americans



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