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Chemical Elements

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Carbon InfoAtomic #: 6Atomic mass: 12.011# of protons: 6# of nuetrons: about 6# of electrons: 6 Boiling/Melting point: 3,600°CElement Catagory: Other Non-Metals Period: 2, Group: 4 (or 14 depending on source)

Carbon is the fourth most abudent element in the universeCarbon is sublimating element meaning it goes directly from a liquid to a gas Pure carbon has many forms: Diamonds, graphite,Carbon is in all living thingsCarbon is made within starsCarbon's forms can either be diamond, one of the hardest materials or graphite, one of the softest

Chemical and PhysicalProperties: Physical: Hardness: depending on the allotrope can be hard (diamond ) or soft (graphite)Malleability: isn't malleable, very brittlePhase of matter: solidConductivity: diamond; poor conductor, graphite; good conductor Chemical: Oxidation: good compound with oxygen CO2, COReactivity: doesn't dissolve in water doesn't react to acids

Carbon has been known since ancient times and no one knows who discovered it, but it was named by French scientist Antoine Lavoisier

Every day uses of carbon:Pencil lead isn't really lead, it's carbon (graphite)Carbon is a main part in the compound coalCarbon is a main part in the compound steel Carbon (as diamond) is used as an accesory for expensive thingsPrinter ink is made of carbonAll living things are made of carbon, without it you and I wouldn't exist

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