Carbon Footprinting

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Carbon Footprinting

Some ways of carbon footprints

- cars release 1,300lbs of CO2 each day.-80% of our greenhouse gas emissions come from coal.- the average U.S household carbon footprint is 50 tons CO2 each year.

A carbon footprint is the total sets of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization, product, or person.

Just like a footprint, its impossible to not leave a carbon footprint. It is a mark you leave on the environment.

Carbon dioxide traps heat within the atmosphere. The more CO2 used, the warmer the earth gets. This causes very bad things like ice caps melting.

Reducing your carbon footprint can be very easy. Just by remembering to shut off the lights when you go out can reduce your carbon footprint!

Carbon Footprinting

Trees have natural CO2 which is released when paper is made, when the paper ends up in landfils, it disintegrates and turns into methane which is worse than CO2!


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