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Davey-Scott Joplin: He was a really famous pianist and he still is today. He was very skilled and talented. Wrote "The Entertainer."Francesca-Dance in the 1920's: Dancing was used to tak peoples minds away from the war. They used dance for entertainment. Ballet started during this time. Dancing in the 1920's made the dances that we have today.Kaylee-Robert Frost: Born in 1874 in San Francisco. Famous author in the 1920's. Didn't expect to become a poet. Went to Harvard. Married Eleanor White and had a baby boy. Wrote a poem for the innaguration of JFK. His poems impacted the future because we still read his poems in school and are a big part of literature. We still use his poems today.Lily-Ella Fitzgerald: Born in April 1917. Mom died when she was young and she grew up in poverty. After her mom died she tried singing and jazz and turned out to be really good. Most faous song:A- tisket, A-Tasket. Referred to the First Lady of Song. Recorded songs with Louis Armstrong. Started at a young age and inspired many people to start singing as well.Cole-Prohibition: People weren't allowed to buy, sell, or drink alcohol. 18th amendment. Gangsters came about because of prohibition. This impacts us today because it changed the way the government thinks about alcohol. The Government learned from their mistakes and would never do this again. Jack-Ku Klux Klan: one of the worst terrorist attacts in America. Fought African Americans, jews, and homosexuals. They're not afraid to show who they are. There are also kids running around in the suits. They are still around today. Caroline-Fashion: People started dressing differently after the war because they didn't want to be reminded of the war and they had new ideas. This impacted us today because if they didnt change the fashion we still may be wearing what they wore back then. Chance-Babe Ruth: Played for the red sox, yankees, and braves. Broke many records. Signed by the yankees in 1919 for $100,000. Kyle-Louie Armstrong: Famous jazz musician. Grew up really poor. His famous song is "When the Saints go Marching in." and "What a Wonderful World." he also started bands that were very populer.Liz-Inventions: The first traffic light was more complex than the one today because it detected people walking and spun in circles. The traffic light and lie detector were both invented in the 1920's.Johnny-Gangsters: First organized crime groups. They used tommy guns and brass knuckles. They always left one guy with a getaway car when they needed to escape.Hannah-Henry Ford: Invented the Model T and assembly line. Grew up on a farm but became an engineer. Started teh assembly line with the Model T. By 1918 over half of americans were driving Model T's. Changed the motor industry because cars are the most common form of transportation today.John-Langston Hughes: He grew up with his grandmother. Was a very good student and was voted class poet. Became part of the Harlem Rennaisance. He wrote for children and adults. He wrote more than 60 books poets autobiographys plays(etc,) Died when he was 67.Mansur-Al Capone: A gangster and quit middle school in 6th grade to persue his career as a mobster. He went crazy and died in 1946.Sig-FBI: Charles Bonaparte invented the FBI. Thousands of people apply to be in the FBI but only some of them make the cut. Federal Berraeu Investigations. The FBI impacted us today because without them we would not be as safe as we are, they stopped many terrorist groups and gangsters in the 1920's.Olivia-Herbert Hoover: The president during the 1920's. When he was nominated for president he won 44 out o 531 of the votes and 58%. Many people liked him because he was a republican. He impacted us today because the government now knows how not to handle an issue like he did. Allie-Bessie Smith: Famous jazz and blue singer. She was raised in poverty and ran away to a singing and dancing show which is where she became famous.Molly-Picasso: Had many abstract paintings and started painting at the age of 9. Steven-Lie detector and rocket: The lie detector was invented by John Larson which was commonly used by police officers. The rocket was invented by Robert Goddard.


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