Capuchin Monkey

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Capuchin Monkey

White-headed Capuchin monkey

Cebus capuchinus

The white-headed Capuchin monkey is a diurnal and arboreal animal. It is active at day, sleeps at night, and moves mostly on trees but it does come down on the ground more often than other New World monkeys.

Capuchin monkeys are found in Central and South America, in Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and northwest Ecuador. It lives in a variety of forests such as evergreen, moist, dry, and other forests.

Measures (adult): Length: 335-453mm (without tail) Weight: 3.9kg (tail is longer than body)

The white-headed Capuchin is an omnivore; it gets its energy and nutrients from a variety of food. Its primary food sources are fruits and insects.Capuchin monkeys are mammals and reproduce sexually. Their respiration and circulatory systems are similar to a human's. They transport nutrients through their blood to cells, like humans. Capuchin monkeys' waste is similar to ours; they, for example, excrete urine.

Capuchin monkeys are animals, so they have animal cells. Their DNA is stored inside the nucleus.

also called white-faced Capuchin



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