Captive Breeding

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Captive Breeding

The Przewalski's Horse

How did they become a threatened species?

The reason that the Przewalski's Horse are threatened species is because that they were being hunted, harsh climate, habitat loss, and loss of water sources.

The Przewalski's Horse were once found throughout central Asia. They are stockily built, and weighs around 300kg, and its height is aroud 1.3m. They also have short legs compared to domistic horses. The Przewalski's Horse live in herds, consisting of a dominant stallion, lead mare, others mares, and offspring.


Snow Leopards used to be hunted for their pelts, and bones, and some of their body parts are used for Asian medical herbs. Their numbers are also dimished by habitat loss, and degration. There are three snow leopards in the Toronto Zoo. The Toronto Zoo is successful because all the cubs that had lived there survived to adulthood.

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How are they threatened?




The horses that are being bred in zoos will increase the population rate. The success rate is fair. In 2005, there were 1500 in captivity, and started with 250 from the wild.

The Snow Leopard

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The Snow Leopard is found on the Himalayan Mountians, in areas of rocky wilderness, snow fields, glaciers, and rocky meadows. Their body range is 1-1.3m, and weighs 25-75kg, but males are usually heavier. Their coat is long and thick, and can be as long as 12cm. Snow Leopards live up to 15 years in the wild, and 19-20 years in captivity.


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