Captin James Cook

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Captin James Cook

Looking out the window everyday made his love for the ocean stronger. When he got older at first he became part of the Royal Navy called the "HMS Eagles". After one of the intense wars he got promoted to a boatswain. He got married to a woman named Elizabeth Batts and they had 6 children named James, Nathaniel, Another Elizabeth, Joseph, George and Hugh. He traveled north to visit the Hawaii Islands and unfortanatlly he was assasinated.

Important Eventsborn:October27,1728baptized:November3,1728 wed;december21,1762 died:Febuary 14,1779

James Cook

Fun Fact:Captin James cook has a meuseam that you can visit, it is called Captin Cook Birthplace in MiddlesBrough

This is what he looked like

He lived in Martin, Yorkshire until his family moved to Great Ayton where he went to school. He worked in a shop and everyday, he would look out the window to see the sea. everyday.



His Wife

His Ship


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