Captain James Cook

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Captain James Cook

1728 - 1779He was a captain, British explorer and navigator.

JamesCook By Logan Wee

Captain James Cook's goal was to travel the world and discover new land.

His Voyages

Who Was He?

He went on 3 VoyagesFirst Voyage 1768-1771Second Voyage 1772-1775Third Voyage 1776-1779Cook's death occurred in Hawaii in 1779.

His Goal

Captain James Cook's Sailing ShipThis Ship is calledTheResolution

He was risking himself by battling the Hawaiians in war.

Captain James Cook went to places like Easter Island.

Where He Went 1. Tahiti2. Tonga3. Easter Island4. New Caledonia5. Hawaii6. Tupaia 7. Norfolk Island8. Vanuatu

Easter Island

Cook was the first person to navigate the globe


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