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Social Studies

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Adam Smith's economic model of capitalism has helped me and my business to flourish. Capitalism gives a hard working citizen, like myself, the opporunity to find economic success and become rich. Unlike communism or socialism, capitalism has allowed me to work my way to the top! I lead a life and business that I feel in control of, and so can you with capitalism!


Capitalism gives you room to improve! With this system you have the ability to climb the economic ladder. You decide your future!

The ability to own property - to have something that is yours - comes with capitalism. With communism and socialism, no one is allowed to own private property! You are entitled to something for you and only you.

The money that you make is directly affected by the quality and amount of work you do. In communism and socialism, people who haven't done their share to contribute to society still get supported, because the wealth is distributed evenly. You deserve that money; capitalism rewards hard work.



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