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It can affect both children and adults

Symptos of CAPD/APDEasily Distracted or unusally bothered by loud or sudden noisesNoisy environments are upsettingBehavior/Performance inprove in quieter settingsDifficulty following difections, simple or complicatedReading, spelling, writing, or other speech-lang. difficultiesDifficult to comprehend abstract informationFinds verbal problems difficultDisorganized and forgetfulHas a hard time following convesations

For more information, visit:Kids HealthTexas School for the Blind and Visually ImpairedLearning Disabilities OnlineCAPD Article

This is an example of how it sounds to someone with APD

Causes:The causes are unknown, although there have been lnks of head trauma, lead poisoning, and chronic ear infections to APD.

What is it? Also known as Audiotory Processing Disorder (APD), This is a complex problem where information that a person hears cannotbe processed because the brain and the ears do not fully coordinate

Central Auditory Processing Disorder

Problem Areas those with APD may face:Auditory Figure-Ground Problems- Too much noise to pay attentionAuditory Memory Problems- Difficulty remembering information like directions, lists, etc.Auditory Discrimination Problems- Hard time hearing the difference between similar wordsAuditory Attention Problems- Child can't stay focused on listening long enough to complete a taskAudiotory Cohesion Problems- Higher-level listening tasks are difficult (riddles, infering, verbal math problems, etc.)

Diagnosis:Audiologists can determine if someone has APD when they reach around 7-8 years old and beyond. Once Diagnosed, those with an APD usually work with a speech therapist as well.



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