Canterbury Tales

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Canterbury Tales

The Canterbury Tales

Franklin´s Tale Averagus and Dorigen were married and the loved each other.Averagus had to go to the war for two years and his wife was very sad.Her castle was near the coast and In the sea they were terrible rocks.She was worried because he could destroyed Averagus ship.Another man called Aurelius was in loved Dorigen.She promised that se would loved him if he destroyed tyhe rocks, and he did.But, whe he realised that Dorigen preffers Averagus, he broke his promise.

Knight´s Tale Arcite and Palomon were two prisioners who see from the window of his cell the sister of the Queen, Emily.The king let them go, but the couldn´t go to the city again.They both fight,Arcite prayed to Mars the god of war and Palamon prayed for Venus, the goddess of love.Arcite wons, and Venus get angry, so he killed him and Palamon and Emily married.

The Pardoner´s TaleThere was at town famouse for Death, a man ho killed everyone. Three brothers go for killed him.In the journey they found an old man that told them that Death was in a tree next to them. They go and they found lots of coins.They decided to carry them to the house at night. One of the brothers went to the town for breath and a poison that put on the wine. The others plan to killed his brother.Finally,the three of them died.The found Death!

Geoffrey Chaucer He was born in the United Kingdom in 1343. He was a poet, philosopher and writer. He is considered the most important Brithish poet during the Middle Ages.He wrote lots of books,but this one is the most important.

Settings The tales are located in a Castles, in a farme, near the coast, in a forest and in the countryside.OpinionI liked all the tales excepted the second one because they were to boring. My favourite one is the Franklin´s Tale because It was vey exciting and original, and because it´s moral.CharactersThe main characters were Arcite, Palomon, Emily,the kinght, the old women, Chanticleer, the fox, Averagus, Dorigen, Aurelius,the three brothers and Death.

The Wife of Bath´s TaleA long time ago, al lady of the court told the King that the knight attacked him. So, the ladies asked him a question: What is it that a women most desire?If he could answer correctly in one year and one dat he will and if he couldn´t he will die. The last day and old women answer him,and the knight promised him that if if It was correctly we will do wahtever she wants to, and It was. She asked him for married. He didn´t want, but he finally discovered she was a great and honest persone.

Nun´s Priest´s TaleChanticleer was a vey inteligent cock ho had an incredible voice.He had seven wifes an he was very arrogant.On day he had a nightmare and one of his wifes send him to the chemist. There, a fox lie him and he put him in the yard.Everyone chase him.Finally, Chanticleer escape.

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