Canterbury Tales

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Canterbury Tales

Lines 379- 380 “Each seemed a worthy burgess, fit to grace A guild-hall with a seat upon the dias."Being a worthy member of a legislative body is associated with having wisdom. They enjoy this characteristic because of their knowledge and good judgement.

Lines 375- 378 "They were so trim and fresh their gear would pass for new. Their knives were not tricked out with brass But wrought with purest silver, wich avouches A like display on girdles and on pouches."They like for people to envy their expenzive clothes and weapons. They also like to be seen as wealthy to the women.

The Craftsmen are people in the trade class. Thier reason in going on this pilgrimage was to represent their group of upcoming craftsmen. The are very stylish and often wear similiar clothing. The craftsmen are usually very wise and seem like worthy members of a legislative body.

Line 384- 388 "Besides their wives declared it was their due.And if they did not think so, then they ought;To be called "Madam" is a glorious thought,And so is going to church and being seen Having yoru mantle carried, like a queen."This infers that the women are proud of their husband so they think they are better individuals because of their husbands.

Biography of Craftsmen

Symbolism- symbolism can be seen in these characters because they come together as a group symbolizing a group.Tone- the tone of this character is respectful and royalty-like.

Literary Devices

Canterbury Tales


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