Can't wait til Summer

by mrpeglow
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Can't wait til Summer

Sounds of Summer

School's Out - Alice CooperSummer Lovin' - Grase SdtkSummertime - Will SmithIn the Summertime - Mungo JerrySoul Sister - TrainI'm Yours - Jason MrazWhipped Cream - Herb AlbertColors - Kira Wiley

When I think of . . .

Mowing: Love it or hate it, it is a sign that summer is in full swing once again. The sound of the mower, the smell of fresh cut grass, the look of a newly mowed lawn, and the feel of grass under your feet ... it affects all the senses!

S U M M E R !

Colorsby Kira Wiley

I'm Yours by Jason Mraz

No more pencils.... no more books...No more teacher's dirty looks!Out for summer!out till fall,We might not come back at all....-Alice Cooper, 1972

Swimming: Whether it is at the beach, in a pool, or running through a sprinkler ... cool water is a must on a hot summer day. Diving in, searching for things on the bottom, or playing pranks on others - I love getting in and getting wet!

Music: Some songs just give you a feeling. These songs make me think of warm sunny days, cars with thier tops down, and enjoying the carefree days of summer.

In the summertime by Mungo Jerry

Soul Sister by Train

Summer Lovin' by Grease Sdtk.

Whipped Cream by Herb Albert

School's Outby Alice Cooper

Summertimeby Will Smith


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