Canoe Kayak

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Canoe Kayak

Description They paddled 200m 500m and 1, 000m. The men started 1936. The woman started 1948.

History The C in C1 and C2 used to be for canada. It was a pam am sport since 1987.

Canoe Kayak

Events Men: C1=200m, K1=200m, K2=200m, C1=1, 000m, C2= 1,000m, K1=1,000m,K2=1,000m

EventsWoman: C200 event,K1=200m,K1=500m,K2=500m,K4=500m,C1=200m

Equipment:1.flatwater2.canoe3.double sided paddle

RulesCanoe:You sit in kneeling position.Take your canoe paddle and paddle across the water.Kayak:Same as canoe but your seated.

Glossary1.blade-the part of the paddle that touches the water2.bow-the front end of the boat3.stern-the back end of the boat4.stroke rate-the number of strokes per minute5.cockpit-the place where the paddler sits6.spray deck-holds the paddler so they don't fall

Profesinal AthletesKAYAK:Adam Van KoeverKamini JainAngus MortimerCANOE:Gavin MaxwellAttila BudayRichard Dalton


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