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Ms. cannons accomplishments:*annie discoverd more than 300 rare stars*for her work she got an award called the Draper Medal *beetween 1911 and 1915 cannn developed her classication and ued it to describe morethan 250,000 stars

At age 16 cannon began attending Wellesley College in Massachusetts

*After graduating from Wellesley in 1884 cannon went back to Delaware and became and genius in photograghy !!!!! :)*in 1892 she went to urope , where she photograghed many beautiful places .

annie interesting facts*she incresed her observetory collection to 200,000 photographs to 500,00 of them*in 1940cannon retird but she rememberd or never forgot her research untill she died*she got her firt award from Oxford colage in 1938

Annie Jump Cannon

By : Jordyn Pharr

born in 1863died in 1941

She was born in Dover, Deleware

Did you know that cannon had 4 other step siblingsfrom her fathers first marrige

" i was born to be an astronaunt"

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