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When a family member dies and it's time for the funeral, the religious father (like a pastor or preist) in the tribe, will cut up the deceased in order for the family and friends to eat as a way to release the dead's spirit into another realm and pass on.


The Papua Tree People still frequently practice cannibalism in the time of war. It is believed that if you eat the brain of your enemy you can take over their power.

Different TribesThe CaribThe AztecThe Native AmericansFijiThe KorowaiThe Maori

Some people eat relatives' ashes by mixing the ashes with plants

Cannibalism is very uncommon in the United States, and illegal, but in other countries it can be found in rural areas. Even though cannibalism is frowned upon by outsiders, for some religions it's the social norm.

What is Cannibalism?- the usually ritualistic eating of human flesh by a human being-First documented in 1796-Described as a way of life for some religions


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