Canis Lupus: The Wolf

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Canis Lupus: The Wolf

Wolves are famous for their haunting howl that will bring you nightmares. The lone wolf uses it so other members of his\her pack will notice him\her. They also use their terrifying howls to let members of the pack know that they need something like help to take down big prey, or the pack sings a song together at night for entertainment.

Canis Lupus: The Wolf

Wolf Facts* Mammals*Carnivores*Life span-6-8 yrs.*Largest members of the dog family\*6-10 wolves in a pack*Pack works together to take down large prey like deer & elk*Endangered species* Hunted to near extinction because they kill livestock*Most common type: Gray*Red Wolves live in Southeast US*Red wolves became extinct in wild in 1980*Reintroduced by scientists in North Carolina by breeding captive animals*Now 100 red wolves in

Click below to hear about the impact of wolves on Yellowstone Park



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