Canis Lupus Arctos

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Canis Lupus Arctos

The Amazing white wolfA White Wolf is born throgh alive brith,the new pup looks just like his mom weighing one pound.He has 4 small paws and pointed ears.His fur is normally white so he can blend in with his surroudings.It has 2 layers fo fur to protect him from the frigid arctic weather 1 layer is water proof and the another is insulated they have paded feet because of the ice. The male isan adult by age 2 the female by age 3.They are smaller then the grey wolf ranging 75/125 pounds and 3/6 feet body length.They can hunt alone or in pack's having shorter legs they can run longer then their prey they eat up to 20 pounds of meat because they may not get to eat for a while they bring back regutated food to the den were the young is the arctic wolf is the only wolf not in barger eddo to the climate conditons they dont have many predators so polar bears mostly being isolated from humans makes us little threat. Human attacks are very rare.

Canis Iupus Arctos

By: Zane Rager


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