Canines for Kids

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Canines for Kids

The dogs are trained well. There is s training scolorship program where the dogs' trainig is paid for. A variety of skills are used to train the dogs. Thw dog has to be trained to do a task that is direcrly related to rhe disabled personś abilities. The dog also has to be compassionite, and to be there when emotional support is needed. Comfort does not count as a task but the CDK still wants dogs that are nice and comforting if needed.

I like this charity because i like animals and I also think that disabled kids deserve a chance at being normal. Sometimes these disabled kids get made fun of, and if they get sad, their dog can help them get happier. The dog can also protect them and help them with anything they can. If you support this charity, you are helping a single person rather than the charity as a whole. CDK is always trying to help as many people as possible. But without contributoins from people like us, CDK would not have been able to help as many people as it has already, and they will help many more people too.

Canines For Kids

At Canines for Disabled kids, the thinkg they want to do most is help the disabled children become more independant and promote social awareness. They travel the country to talk to kids of all ages and cultures, wanting to help everyone they can. CDK has provided help to over 6,795 in 32 states. The Canines for Kids Organisation ¨survives" on private funding that they promote. They also do not charge the families they help.

About The Dogs

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