Cancion Favorita

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Cancion Favorita

ARTIST BIOGRAPHYFind a credible source (or two) with information on the group or singer of your favorite song. Write up his/her/their story in your own words, one paragraph, then link to the source(s) on this glog.

VOCABULARYPick out 10-15 words from your song that you did not know before. Define them in English using context clues and a dictionary, then write an original sentence for each that shows you understand how to use them.

SONG STATISTICSLook up how many copies of the song itself as well as the album it is from. Find how high the song went on the charts in at least two different countries (if it did not chart, you will want to choose a different song or activity). Show results in graph form.

COVER SONGRecord yourself singing the song. You may make a video or just an audio file. You can use the song for background, but your voice should be easy to hear the whole time.

LYRICSFind the lyrics to your song and listen to the song while reading them. Make corrections to the spelling and/or punctuation according to what you hear.

SONG RESPONSEPretend you are the person the song was written for and write a song from that person's point of view. React to specific lines from the song in a style appropriate for responding to the song.

THE ORIGINAL VIDEO OR SONGTrack down a *legal* copy of the song or its video to include on the glog. Be sure that it plays from the glog and that it is appropriate for school.

SUMMARYIn one paragraph written in your own words (in Spanish), summarize the message of your song and the main details that support it.

VISUAL REPRESENTATIONCreate a visual (scanned drawing, painting, etc.) that shows what your song is about, including significant details from the song. Include a brief summary in Spanish explaining how your visual relates to your song.

Canción Favorita

Choose 3 activities across, 3 down, or 3 diagonal to present your favorite song in Spanish.


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