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Cancer Research

MRI procedure -When you arrive to the hospital you may be asked to sign a consent for the scan to happen. -Because of the magnetic fields inside the mri operator, you must remove every piece of metal from your body including:-watches-jewellery, such as earrings and necklaces-piercings, such as ear,and nose rings-dentures (false teeth)-hearing aids-wigs (some wigs contain traces of metal)

Disea e

M.R.I. Scans

What is it?

- For people aged 20 or older who get periodic health exams, a cancer-related check-up should include health counseling and, depending on a person’s age and gender: -exams for cancers of the thyroid, -oral cavity-skin-lymph nodes-testes-ovaries -diseases besides cancer. ("American Cancer Society Guidelines")-Today the emphasis is on identifying factors that can be altered to improve outcomes. (Hall)

Cancer Research: Physical Routine

Screening testsCancer screening is trying to find cancer in someone before they show symptoms of cancer.There are many different types of screening tests that people useSome tests show the results very early, others may take some time False Positive/negative tests are possible results.examples of tests are -Mammographies-MRIs-Colonoscopies-Sigmoidoscopy(American Cancer Society Guidelines)

-Throughout Human history, people only went to get themselves checked when they were sick. ("Routine Physical exams")-It became customary for everyone to get a yearly exam even if he or she was feeling fine. (Hall)-Routine physical exams include a height and weight measurement, blood pressure, and past medical history. ("Routine Physical Exams")

When is this done?


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- You may be asked to change to a hospital gown. If you are not asked to wear a hospital gown, wear clothes that don't have zippers or anything metal. -This is a painless procedure. Some pictures last longer than others. They are really loud so they let you wear a special pair of headphones to listen to music.

.The ages of when you have to get checked for cancer variy. Some depending on the kind of cancer. Cervical Cancer Testing- No tests are needed before age 20. Starting at age 21 to 29 all women should have a Pap test done every three years.Colon Cancer Testing (for men and women)- “Find out if you are at higher than average risk for colon cancer because of family history, genetic disorders, or other factors.” (“American Cancer Society”)

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