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Canberra means "meeting place", is the capital of Australia and occupies an area of 805.6 km ². With a population of 345 thousand inhabitants is close to the mountain range known as Brindabella Ranges, 150 km off the east coast of Australia, is 's largest city and eighth largest Australian inland. Highest point in the Canberra area is Mount Majura, 888 m altitude’s. The Molonglo River flows through Canberra and has been dammed to form the artificial Lake Burley Griffin, located in the city center’s site for the construction of Canberra was chosen in 1908 with the intention of ending the rivalry of Sydney and Melbourne, the two largest cities of the country. Projected by architects Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin, construction began in 1913 and ended in 1927. Town planning was heavily influenced by the garden-city movement and incorporates significant areas of natural vegetation, which earned him the title of capital bush, something like city-bush. Canberra has a temperate climate with sunny days most of the year and with four distinct seasons. Before European settlement, the region was inhabited by the tribes and Ngunnawal Walgalu. The European exploration and conquest began in Canberra in the early 1820s. The first settlements of whites dating to 1824, when ranchers built a farm in what is now the Acton peninsula. The change of Canberra from a rural area of New South Wales to become the national capital started during debates over Federation Australia in the late nineteenth century. Canberra has eight districts: North Canberra South Canberra Woden Valley Belconnen Weston Creek Tuggeranong Gungahlin Molonglo


The most popular sport in the city's rugby league, the city is home to the Canberra Raiders of the NRL, is also the headquarters of the League Super Rugby Brumbies rugby club.


The Australian Capital Territory only includes the city of Canberra. The Legislative Assembly of the ACT is the role of the municipal council and the territorial government. The Assembly consists of 17 members. With an unemployment rate of 2.8% set in, and with the shortage of manpower in some sectors, Canberra has the highest average income from all Australian capital cities. The average gross salary of a camberrano is 1 208.50 Australian dollars, higher than the national average of 1 043.10 Australian dollars. The main activity of the city is government administration and defense. The main public sector workers, including parliament and government departments such as the Department of Defense and Finance, Foreign Affairs and the Treasury. Military forces are also located in or near the city

Canberra attracts both domestic and international tourists. Canberra has two major universities, the Australian National University (ANU) and the University of Canberra UC, besides military academies. In the health area has two large public hospitals. Canberra Hospital and Calvary Public Hospital. The most used transport in Canberra is the automobile, with the network of roads and highways of high quality due to the design of modern urbanism. It also has the Canberra International Airport, a bus service that connects the most important points of the city and although the rail system is not economically feasible to have the CountryLink rail system is the linking Canberra to Sydney. Most important monuments and places of Canberra are: Burley Griffin National Portrait Gallery Parliament House of Australia 'Embassy Arborisna » National Gallery of Australia National Museum of Australia Australian War Memorial National Library of Australia Academy of Sciences of Australia Telstra Tower Supreme Court of Australia Palace of Reconciliation Canberra Australian National Botanic Gardens National Zoo and Aquarium in Australia