Canadian Shield

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Environmental Studies

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Canadian Shield

Canadian Shield

Canadian Shield has permafrost

This how much the Canadian Shield covers the map

Mountains were whittled down by weather etc

In the Canadian Shield there are lots of animals like bears and

the Canadian Shield has a mixed forests like coniferous and deciduous

The North side of the Canadian Shield has very long winters and short summers and the south side is the opposite

The Canadian Shield is known for its massive mines

The climate changes all the time, and the canadian shield has been there through all of the ice ages and warm periods the earth has had. Glaciers carved out a lot of holes, and dragged a lot of boulders around. When the earth warmed up, those holes filled with water and became very nice lakes. Visit the area in the summer if you can take the mosquitoes and black flies.

JobsThere are some types of jobs that are in the Canadian Shield but these are the more popular jobs people pick snow removal, forestry, mining, and Tourism

People do biking,hiking, and kayaking. these are the most popular outdoor activities in this area.


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