Canadian Shield Region

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Canadian Shield Region

Canadian Shield Region

LandformsThis region has a large rocky suface with forests, rivers, lakes, hills and marshes. Also this region has little fertile land for agriculture. The northern part of this region there is lots of tundra, also much of this water is in lowlying regions that be become marshes and bogs and they are called muskeg. The railway wasn't built here because of all of the muskeg. Much of the land in the east and southern parts of the region is high above the sea level. Water covers 1/4 of the Canadian Shields land, also this region covers over half of Canada.

Tourist AttractionsI searched in the textbook but I could find much. I did find recreational activity such as hiking. There is another one and it is wildlife.

Animal LifeThe Canadian Shield has lots of animals such as moose, black bears, grizzly bears, wolves, foxes, beavers, different types of rodents, wood buffalo, woodland caribou, weasels and hares. It is probably easy to hunt there.

Natural ResourcesThis region is a resource storehouse. You can find some major metals such as gold,silver,nickle,copper,zink and iron.

Intresting FactsThe boreal forest in this region is the largest and most important forest in Canada.

Bodies of WaterThere are several bodies of water in this region such as St. Lawrence River, the Great Lakes, the Hudson Bay and Lake Athabasca.These are a source of hydrolic power.

TransportationI have found 4 of these and they are rivers,trucks,cars and bikes. That is not much compaired to Edmonton because we have many ways to travel

VegetationThis region is split up into 5 vegetation regions and they are Boreal which is mainy forest. There is also another Boreal which is forest and barren ground. Here are the other 3,Ice Caps, Rock Dessert and Tundra with dwarf shrubs /sedges/lichen/heath.

ClimateThs regions climate varies widely. Also this region is split into 3 climate zones and they are Arctic,Boreal and Laurentian.

Provinces and TerriotoriesThis region surrounds the Hudson Bay in a horseshoe shape. This Region includes the Northwest Territories,Nunavut,Quebec,Alberta,Saskatchewan,Manitoba,Ontario and Newfoundland.

IndustriesThere aren't many jobs in this region. The main industrys is forestry, mining is another industry too. The final occupation is farming. This region does sure not have many industries.


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