[2015] Cullan Byrne (Walters): Canadian Shield

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[2015] Cullan Byrne (Walters): Canadian Shield

AnimalsThe animals in the Canadian Shield areloons, bears, beavers, moose, squirrels,wolves, owls, rabbits, birds, turtles, lizards,deer, racoons, frogs, geese,weasles, opposums, crayfish, snakes,foxes, porcipines, gophers, groundhogs andeagles.

Natural ResourcesThe natural resourcesare fish, gold, quartz, water, stone, granite and wood.

PlantsThe plants are fungi, flowers, shrubs, ferns, poison berry bushes and deciduous and coniferous trees.

The Canadian Shield

PopulationThe population is 21997

Physical FeaturesThe physical features are forests, swamps, lakes, rivers, basins, volcanic belts and rock formations.

RecreationThe main recreation in the Canadian Shield is camping, hiking, biking, swimming, paddling, cross country skiing, fishing and ice fishing.

JobsThe main jobs in the Canadian Shield are Park Rangers, tourism staff, foresters, loggers, miners, geologists, fishermen, enforcement officers and hydroelectric engineers.

Where Is It?The Canadian Shield is mainly located in Nunavut, Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Newfoundland, Saskatchewan and a little bit of the Northwest Territories.


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