[2014] sg8gqkm8j: Canadian Political Scandals

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[2014] sg8gqkm8j: Canadian Political Scandals

In 1872, Sir John A Macdonald and conservative government members accepted $360,000 in campaign donations from Sir Hugh Allan in exchange for a contract to build the Canadian Pacific Railway. Unknown to them, Sir Hugh Allan used American money to bribe Sir John A. McDonald, while they were trying to an independant nation, not wanting to rely on U.S resources.

The Pacific Scandal

The sponsorship program was originally established in 1996 as an effort to stop the actions of the Parti Quebecois government of the province that worked to promote Quebec independence, but became a symbol of Liberal mismanagement around 2004, when the program was shut down after revelations that advertising firms misspent funds intended to increase the federal government’s power in Quebec. The whole set-up was an elaborate plot, using the funds to fund the Liberal party. Mr. Corriveau, the leader of the Liberals at the time, was found guilty of the whole set-up.


The Sponsorship Scandal

Canadian Political Scandals

The Sponsorship Scandal

Sir John A. McDonald

The two scandals are extremely similar. First off, they are both abusing large sums of money to assist their own parties with campaigns. Secondly, the money involved was never recovered. Both politicians' reputations were tarnished. Both of their parties lost their majority in the end. Both politicians attested their inncocence until the end, when there could be no more denying because the evidence against them was overwhelming. Both scandals happened because the party leaders needed money to support their campaigns and advertising. The motive was, once again, money, for both the Pacific scandal and the Sposorship scandal

Political Opinion

In my opinion, both scandals were unnecessary and could have been avoided. Both politicians needed money for their parties and campaigns. Instead of using the goverments money, Mr. Corriveau could have done a bit of fundraising to help support his campaign, turned to family and friends, ask campaign buddies etc. Through all that the situation could have easily been avoided. Furthermore, these decisions reflect badly upon the politicians and guilty parties involved. The events during and leading up to these scandals have influenced my opnion of both politicians in a negative way. Both politicians were not honest, lying, trying to run from their actions, and is that someone you want running a major political party? Sir John A. McDonald abused trust the public, while Mr. Corriveau abused goverment resources. Overall, politicans are greedy, dishonest, and overall bad people.

Mr. Corriveau, Of the Liberals

Jack Austin, The Liberals

Parliament Building


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