Canadian Paradise

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Canadian Paradise

Canadian Paradise!Would you like to live there.

If you are a person who likes nature and wilderness Canada is the place for you. It has many mountains and many animals make their homes in there too. The mountain ranges allow you to hike and bring you closer to nature. Although It does not have exotic animals it does have unique ones such as polar bears and moose.

Canada has many resources which make the country rich The great lakes provide us with plenty of fresh water unlike many countries, it is also a great spot to go fishing. The Alberta oil company supplies us with oil for various reasons. Also southern Canada is a great place to raise livestock and grow vegetables. Also it has a grand supply of maple syrup for those who like dessert.

One important thing you think about whenyou decide to move is how good is the education. The answer is that it is great inCanada. There are small classes so theteachers can focus on your needs more. The educators make sure you learn the subject and pass. French is also taught so you can enter trading companies between Europe and Canada. Around most of the people get a high school deploma.

Canada also has many exciting places to visit like the CN tower located in Toronto. Canada's Amazing Wonderland is a place full of adventure and fun. It has the largest roller coaster in Canada, the Leviathen. Niagra Falls is not only a resource but a beutiful place to visit as well to see the beauty of the falls. Not far away from that is Marineland in which you could see great aquatic creatures such as dolphin. Aren't the places in Canada spectacular.

Fun Facts- Did you know that Canada is the second largest country in the world?-Canada's origonal sport is Le Crosse-Canada invented basketball and hockey

One of the most important detailsa person needs about a country is it's food. Canada has plenty of it andin fact it has made it's own. Many people only think that the food thatCanada made is maple syrup. Even though maple syrup tastes great, thereis other great food too. Poutine is cheesy goodness with fries added toit. You may not believe it but bacon wasinvented in Canada too. Butter tarts, beaver tails (no beavers harmed) and chocolate moose were all made in Canada.

Canada is located on the western side of the map and the exact location is 45.4000 N and 75.6667 Eit is a non-discriminative region. Agriculture can be done at southern and open spots such as Calidon.It is a high tech country so you could text to peoplefar or near


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