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Canadian Music

Canadian Music Where does canada get its music from ? Well, it has been influenced by the Irish , Brittish , and France although most of canads music is english . Thats because the countries share a boarder and often migrate back and forth. Montreal International Jazz Festival The montreal jazz festival is the biggest festivel held in canada . It also holds the 2004 guiness world record for being the largest festival in the world . Every year approximatly 3,000 artist from different countries perform . The festival is held at about 12 different locations and about 100,000 people show up . In all the concert has 25 milliom people show up in all.

canadian music

a female songwritter named chloe charles is from toronto canada . she was one of the newest songwritters in the country . she is easily recongnised for her unique talent and voice . one of her most ppular songs is titled soon on a snowflake.

fun facts what bodies of water does canada boarder?canada boarders the atlantic ocean ,pacific ocean , and the labrador sea what are canadas exports ? canadas exports include gold,silver,cooper , uranium , nickel , lead , oil/natural gas , wood pulp and timber . what is the official language of canada ?the official language of canada is english and french .

by: mia junious robinson

people at the montreal international jazz festival

canadian map

canadian national anthem


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